Haramaya University office of the Vice-president for Community Engagement and Enterprise Development gave cattle fattening and leather production training for seven associations from Haramaya District from November 20-30, 2018 at Resource Center.

During the opening ceremony, Prof. Kebede Woldetsadik, the Vice-president for the Office, said “This training is prepared to create basic awareness about the scientific way of fattening and leather production and what the market looks like as well as the profitability of the business.” He added, “As a beginner entrepreneurs you [the trainees] have to have basic concepts, then the University will support you and as an initial, the University has prepared three cattle for each association. We know that it is not enough, but it can be used to tryout how the business is like for the future and it can be used as a baseline.”

Dr. Negassie Amaha emphasized the necessary requirements the business requires such as shelter and food. He said, “The project initiation is starting with three associations because these establishments have fulfilled the necessary basic requirements. The remaining associations will take the cattle immediately after we check that they have fulfilled the necessary requirements. For the future, we will communicate with the districted administrators and with you, and you can communicate with us if any assistance is needed.”

From the prepared 21 cattle, nine have already been given; the rest 12 cattle will be transferred for the remaining four associations after inspections.

The member of the associations expressed their thanks to the University for giving them such training and livestock support. They also said that they are motivated to work hard and generate more income for their associations as well as for themselves.