Haramaya University annual research field day was held at the main campus research center in the presence of farmers, researchers and other stakeholders on November 7, 2019.

Vice President for Research Affairs organized the field day and made the field day participants invited from different Districts in East and West Hararghe Zone including Harare and Deredawa towns’ researchers, agricultural experts and farmers visit different agricultural research activities, improved seed verities multiplication areas at the Rarie research field and HU Poultry farm.

Mr. Admikew Haile, delegated vice president for research affairs, said that the purposes of our researches are to solve and simplify the community’s problems by modifying the existing, and innovating new technologies. Therefore, the field days are aimed to bring researchers and the communitytogether so that they can share their experiences and demonstrate their researches for the sake of getting feedback about released improved seeds and put forward directions.

Mr. Admikew added that, since the establishment of the University, different kinds of researches have been conductedon improved seed verities, animals, animal feeds, businesses and othersareas by the support of Government and external organizations despite the fact that the University takes the lions’ share of supporting the research activities. In this year too, more than 327 researches which mainly focus on seed improvement, ecology conservation, livestock development, animal health and other technologies are in ongoing process in different verities with allocated budgets of more than 10 million birr. In similar way the University is working on more than 180 research projects targeting the production of disease and drought resistant, high yield crop varieties; natural resource conservation; livestock production; and innovative agricultural technologies to alleviate the food security problems.

After visiting all improved seed verities multiplication areas at the Rarie research fields, general discussions were held by the participants to get over all feedbacks from agricultural experts and farmers. In the discussion a number of questions, suggestions and comments were raised from the participants and answers and explanations were forwarded accordingly.

The field day was closed with the acknowledgement certification ceremony for high achieving agricultural experts and farmersin order to motivate them for further hard work.