College Of Veterinary Medicine



The current College of Veterinary Medicine in Haramaya University was established officially as Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in October 2003, with the aim of training skilled manpower in veterinary medical profession. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program was the first program started in the college. In this curriculum, students are expected to take minimum total credit hours of 217CrHrs/359ECTS and it takes 6 years duration for completion of the program. Veterinary Laboratory Technology (VLT) is another undergraduate program started with first batch in 2017. The first batch of the program graduated in February, 2021 after taking total credit hours of 212CrHrs/183ECTS and currently the program is expected to be completed within 4 years based on the new curriculum revised in 2020 at national level.

In addition to its regular Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and Veterinary Laboratory Technology (VLT) programs, the college is currently working vigorously and expanded its training programs at different levels in various areas of veterinary medicine and related science to meet emerging societal needs. There were 3 MSc. programs running in the college namely (MSc. in Veterinary Microbiology, MSc. in Veterinary Public Health and MSc. in Veterinary Epidemiology). The duration of these Master of Science degree programs is 2 years.

In 2021, new curriculum in postgraduate programs (MSc. in Farm animals, MSc. tropical Veterinary Parasitology and PhD in Food safety and Zoonosis) are under development and expected to be start in the new academic year of 2021/2022.


  • To become center of excellence in Postgraduate Veterinary education and research


  • Produce competent graduates to fulfill the national gap for skilled veterinarians
  • Conduct research in livestock diseases and production with the final goals of increasing the food resource of Ethiopia by enhancing livestock productivity.
  • Provide community services through research-driven knowledge and technology transfer
  • Provides diagnostic and consultancy services in animal health problems

The following are current academic administrative structures and with respective address of responsible person:

Full Name Position Email Phone no
Prof. Adem Hiko Woshie College Dean 0940240080
Dr. Ararsa Duguma Benti Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 0926260484
Dr. Shimelis Mengistu Hailu Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs 0911119023
Mr. Fethu Lemma Eketa College Registrar Head 0933438991
Mr. Dereje Regasa Nigussie College Program Coordinator 0912883480
Mr. Abdulahi Abdurhaman Demise College Laboratory Coordinator 0910757923
Dr. Sisay Girma Bekele Externship Program Coordinator 0913087904
Mr. Jelalu Kemal Bermeka Cooperative Learning and Quality Control Coordinator 0911953952


CVM administration building


HU and CVM main Gate