A peace building workshop was conducted


A peace building workshop was conducted on February 20, 2021 at Haramaya University Resource Center under the theme “A Roadmap to Promoting Peace in Haramaya University and the Surrounding Communities”.

Organized by Haramaya University College of Law and USAID, the workshop attracted residents of Bate Kebele, elders, religious leaders, government officials, students and representatives from various sections of Haramaya University.

Prof. Jeylan Woliye, vice president for Students and Administrative Affairs, indicated that the major aim of the workshop is to create peaceful coexistence between Haramaya University with the surrounding community.

The workshop was also aimed at finding out the root causes of conflicts and their remedies based on a roadmap prepared by studies, Professor Jeylan added.

It was indicated during the occasion that the University was affected by the recurring violence in the past few years. Participants of the event promised that they would jointly work hand in hand to avoid conflicts and ensure the safety of the University.

In a similar development, a study, made for two months and funded by USAID, regarding the peaceful relationship between Haramaya University and the surrounding community was presented and discussion was held by various stakeholders drawn from nine kebeles.


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