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Cooperation between Industrial Sectors and Technology Universities Contributes to Ethiopia’s Renaissance

Universities are place where competitive manpower is produced in different sectors, they are also places where innovative researches are conducted, and they are considered to the backbone to the development of the country. The developing industrial sector in Ethiopia needs these manpower and innovations to be competitive in the world market.

Universities of Dire Dawa and Haramaya hosted the fourth universities and industry sectors linkage workshop in Dire Dawa City; the workshop was held for two days.


Participants from the 34 public universities and from the industrial sectors reached on common consensus on points and directions supporting the linkage of universities and industrial sectors. They agreed that promoting this linkage would help the production of innovative and competitive technological inventions and services which largely contributes to the development of the country.

On the other hand, representatives from industrial sectors talked about the necessity of working with universities to improve services and productions with research. Attitudinal change is expected from the industrial sectors considering the role of universities minimizing the scarce human resource in the industries.

Dire Dawa University, Technology Institute’s Scientific Director, Dr. Desalegn Wegaso said that the workshop strengthens the linkage of the two sectors, in the two days discussion emphasis has been given for manpower development and improvement in the industrial sectors.


Universities are expected to work in line with the Technological Development Policy of the country and industries also need to open their doors to accept new technologies which will add value on their productivity, Dr. Matebu Amare, FDRE Policy Research Center Leader.

President of Haramaya University, Prof. Chemeda Fininsa also said the initiation of universities and industrial sectors to work together should be enhanced to contribute to the Second Transformation Plan and the renaissance of Ethiopia. Prof. Chemeda added, universities started notifying industries on new and improved technologies so that both the industries and the society could benefit.


HU encourages teachers and student who work on technological researches with financial and material support in addition to facilitating exhibition fares to introduce innovations to industries and the community at large. Technology teachers and students presented their technological works and projects on the workshop.

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