University Delegates Visit Eritrean Hamelmalo Agricultural College (HAC), National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) and Ministry of Agriculture


Delegates from Hramaya University visited the Hamelmalo Agricultural College (HAC), the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) and Ministry of Agriculture of Eritrea (MoA). The purpose of the visit was to establish a framework of co-operation, to develop joint projects, staff exchange, capacity building, and lay the foundation to co-host international conferences and experience sharing opportunities between Haramaya University and Eritrean higher education and research institutions.

Dr.Awol Seid, Productivity and Environmental Sustainability for Food Security and Poverty Alleviation Theme Leader, and Dr. Sintayehu Workeneh, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change Sub-theme Leader, delegated by the Acting President of the University, Dr. Jemal Yousuf, were the two delegates from HU.

Prof. Woldeamelak Aria, Dean of HAC, expressed his happiness and thanked the University for taking the initiative in the communication. The Dean briefed HU delegates on the historical development and current status of HAC; in addition to the activities of the College with regards to teaching, research and community engagement. HU team also briefed the higher officials of the College about the University. They have also visited several facilities in the College including the field crop museum and practical field teaching classroom. During the discussion session held, Prof. Woldeamelak said there is high interest from the College’s side to forge meaningful and successful partnership with HU in terms of staff-student exchange, co-hosting international conferences and joint research projects development among others.

Together with Dr. Tsegaye, Director General to the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) of Eritrea,the team visited the research laboratories in the Institution. Visits to the soil, plant protection, tissue culture laboratories and the gene bank gave the team an idea on the researches being undertaken by the Institution.  The General Director confirmed his commitment from NARI’s side to support and engage in any collaboration endeavors with HU.

In addition to visiting HAC and NARI, the delegates also conducted a brief meeting with H.E. Mr. Arefaine Berhe, an Alumni of Haramaya University and Minster for Eritrean Ministry of Agriculture. Finally, to cement the collaboration further and to start the process of the longer partnership the Dean of HAC, the DG of NARI and H.E. Mr. Arefaine Berhe agreed to co-host the 13th African Crop Science Society Conference to be held from October 17-19, 2019 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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