University conducts 5th Annual Eastern Ethiopia Economic Development Conference


The 5th annual conference on the Eastern Ethiopia Economic Development was held on November 26, 2016 at Haramaya University’s Resource Centre under the sponsorships of Ethiopian Economic Association (EEA), the Association’s Haramaya University Chapter and College of Business and Economics (CBE).


Welcoming addresses were made by Mr. Abdurahman Aliyi, Dean of CBE and Mr. Demeirew Getachew, Ethiopian Economics Association Secretariat Head. In his speech, the guest of the Conference, Dr. Belayneh Legesse stated that the conference has become a regular feature on the calendars of economists linked to the eastern part of the country via research and/or policy process. He congratulated the EEA and its Haramaya Chapter for organizing the conference and its continued endeavours. He added that he would like to take the opportunity to recognize the efforts of the EEA, which is one of the strongest associations in the country, in promoting the discipline of economics through research, trainings, publications and organizing various conferences and workshops at regional, national and international levels.  c11

Dr. Belayneh also mentioned that since the Association opened its chapter in Haramaya University under the Economics Department in 2010, it has organized several short-term capacity building trainings to the staff in the University, has provided post graduate trainings, and has offered advising and examination opportunities for PhD students.

This regular event has provided researchers with the opportunity to share and discuss development issues that are relevant to the socio-economic development of the eastern part of the country. The presentations and the discussions contribute to the understanding of the region’s socio-economic performances that have been achieved through various interventions and challenges that were faced.


It has been recommended that the University continue its support with researches, trainings and publications of scientific articles. Dr. Belayneh also called for other sister professional associations to emulate the best practice of the EEA and contribute to the development of the country at their best level.

On the closing session, feedbacks for future conference improvements were suggested by participants; and Mr. Shimelis Hunde, Head to Jigjiga University’s Department of Economics promised that the University would host the next annual conference and invited guests. Mr. Demirew appreciated the strength of the three universities’ unity in organizing such conferences and acknowledged Haramaya University and Friedric Ebert Stiftung for sponsoring the Conference.

Communities can benefit from such conferences as they would give chances to communities from different sectors of public organization to actively participate so that they gain knowledge and experience.  Research findings that are presented would help these communities to see what works in theory and in practice. By doing so, participates can make adjustment so that they can prioritise pressing matters and evaluate their performances. Specially, such conferences help those who formulate and implement the economic, social, environmental policies on different levels. It also helps researchers to identify problems and pressing issues of the community so that they focus on the demand of the society. Ultimately, such conferences create cooperation and partnerships among researchers, universities, and public organization, national and international institutions to address the problem of the society.


In conducting such conferences Haramaya University uses different mechanism such as creation of partnerships, co-organization of events and so on. Even though these annual conferences are emphasized in eastern parts of the country, lessons can be projected and be adopted in and by0 other parts of the country.


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