Training Conducted for Academic Development Program Operational Level Leaders


Academic Development Programs Directorate under the Office of the Vice-president for Academic Affairs conducted training on basic management and educational leadership skills for operational level leaders for two days at the Resource Center.

During the opening ceremony, Prof. Kebede W/Tsadik, Vice-president for Community Engagement and Enterprise Development and delegate of University President Office, said: “The training will be delivered using our skilled and professional trainers, and it also expected to be more interactive and to enhance the trainees’ leadership performance as well.” He added, “This training will help you for your future leadership career, because leadership skills are developed through experiences and such helpful trainings.”


Mr. Demeke Sisay, Academic Development Programs and Resource Center Team Leader, said that the training participants included associate deans, school/department heads and coordinators in their respective work unit/department. The overall objective of this training was to enhance the awareness and competence of operational and middle level leaders and managers in leadership, management, and BSC-based planning and reporting.

The expected outcome from the training was enhanced awareness, knowledge, and skills in leadership and management, and increased competence in BSC-Based Planning and reporting.

The trainees reflected that the training was very interesting and helpful for their careers, and that such trainings should continue as much as possible. Dr. Yilfashewa Siyum, Academic Development Programs Directorate Director, confirmed that such training will be continued depending on the demand.

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