Training Concerning Quality Education has been given to Academicians


Haramaya University Academic Assessment and Quality assurance Directorate in collaboration with Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA) organized training for 150 academicians who held quality related positions and responsibilities. The training was held at resource center fromNov31 to October 1, 2019.

Mr. Abebayehu Terefe, Higher Education Quality Assurance Agency Higher officer, said that quality is relative in its nature; it depends on the time; quality cannot have end as it is a continuous process. As he says, one,as a result, should consider the time and the need of the current and the future conditions in order toensure quality education. Taking this into account,the Ethiopian Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency, as he said, is working hard to ensure the intended education quality. However, as education cannot be ensured only by the effort of the agency, every stake holder should be cooperative toensure the quality of education.

Dr. Hailemariam Kefyalew, Academic Assessment and Quality assurance Directorate director at Haramaya University, in his part, said ensuring quality education indirectly involves increasing the other disciplines effectiveness, for quality education is multidirectional asfar aseducation is the base for all disciplines. Therefore, what a country that wants tomaintain a sustainable and prosperous development should do first is ensuring quality education.Taking this into consideration, as Dr. Hailemariam said,  Haramaya University Academic Assessment and Quality assurance Directorate works tirelessly to provide the necessary logistics, soft skill trainings and other supportive activities for concerned academicians and others to ensure quality education.

The participants also forwarded comments and suggestions and then discussions were warmly held based on the points raised from the stage and participants.

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