School of Foreign Languages and Journalism Hosts US Embassy Delegates


The US Embassy in Ethiopia in collaboration with School of Foreign Languages and Journalism hosted a seminar focusing on US foreign policy to Ethiopia. Delegates from the Embassy held discussion sessions with students and staff members from the School, College of Law, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences and other colleges. The seminar was held on February 22, 2017 at Resource Center.


In his opening remark, Mr. Haftamu Kiros, Journalism and Mass Communication Program Coordinator, thanked the Embassy for organizing the seminar, and added that students and teachers would get a lot of experience from the seminar.


Mr. Nicholas Barnett, spokesperson of the Embassy gave a speech on the role of media in enhancing democracy and good governance. He emphasized the importance of having a free, unbiased and independent media for a country like Ethiopia. Concerning US Foreign Policy to Ethiopia, he said, “US foreign policy is based on a mutual benefit. We don’t impose on countries to do what we want rather we want to work with them to be better partners.”


During the discussion, participants raised different questions and comments regarding the presentation and their concerns on the country’s foreign policy. The state of  journalism in Ethiopia, the context of a country’s democratization process, concerns on the political freedom of the country and the US–Ethiopia relationship were discussion points raised by seminar participants.

On the same day, the delegates visited the University’s community radio, HU FM 91.5. The delegates admired the motivation and the work ethics of journalists and students of journalism working there. Brief explanations were given by Eyonadab Andualem, who is a student from Journalism and Mass Communication Department and is working in the community radio.


The visit of the delegates was wrapped up with a meeting at the Vice-president for Academic Affairs office. They forwarded their views on how the University could help the Journalism and Mass Communication Program and the University’s community radio. They also gave a few books for Journalism and Mass Communication Department.

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