Project kickoff program is conducted


Sustain Dialogue Project conducted the 2019/2020 academic year kickoff program at Afrenkello hall on February 15, 2020.

Mr. Robel Damte, the project program manager, said that the project is financially supported by USAID and applied in collaborating with Life and Peace Institute (LPI), and Peace and Development Center. Mr. Robel added that this project has been applied for the last six years, in six Ethiopia Universities including Haramaya University and other sixty Universities around the world and the aim of the project is to maintain peace in Universities by facilitating conducive environment to create and raise a mutual understanding among students who come from different cultural backgrounds, religions and language, through listening respecting one an others’ valid human claims to bring changes by achieving all this. According to Mr. Robel, the built relationship inside the groups positively impacts others outside the groups. The project mission is being accomplished for a year through fifty groups of eleven members each with the help of experienced group leaders.

According to moderators, Yeshemebet Degif, 3rd year software engineering student and Abdulkerem Adem 3rd year computer science student, the sustain dialogue program is playing wonderful role in creating and raising a mutual understanding for respecting one another and to construct a sense of family despite their differences. The moderators also said that the project has produced and is producing critical and peace promoting students, but the number of the participating students is limited to only six hundred in a year; it would be better if the participant’s number increased more than this.

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