Peace and Development Department Conducted Curriculum Review Workshop


Peace and Development Department under the College of Social Sciences and Humanities conducted a curriculum review workshop to improve the existing curriculum on May 09/2019 at Senate Hall.

According to Dr. Gutama Emana, the curriculum review workshop aimed to improve and to make the existing curriculum more practical than only focusing on the theoretical parts. “The review enables the students to apply in practice the theories they learn in classrooms. Leaving among the society and experiencing the culture and norm of the community will makes the teaching-learning process more tangible and memorable, because making peace is not easy task to perform,” He added.

Invited distinguished guests and the University’s academic community working in the area¬† participated in the workshop. Comments and suggestions were forwarded from the reviewers and the participants. The comments and suggestions forwarded are to be diagnosed and incorporated as they would allow students to be competent nationally, as well as internationally

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