Panel Discussion held on Afan Oromo Language Task Environment


The department of Afan Oromo Literature and Communication department conducted discussion on Afan Oromo in Task Environment on June 09, 2016 at Main Campus.

The department also announces his plan to publish a bulletin.


The program was started by the praise of Abbaa Gadaa Shaamil Amadoo.

The presentation and discussions were focused on: History and development of Afaan Oromoo, Mother Tongue in education and social development, Use of Afaan Oromoo in different task environments (In Oral and Written aspects).

On the discussion different ideas and experiences were raised by the participants who were come from different areas. Participant said, the department should disseminate information about major activities and scientific studies of Oromo culture and literatures as well as invite various scholars to participate in the analysis, criticism, debates and appreciation of Oromo’s discourses, folklores.

The department also presented his plan of producing a bulletin. On the occasion the detailed aim, use of the bulletin and other related issues were discussed.



According to Mr Hunduma Dagim, Head of the department of Afan Oromo Literature and Communication, The aim of the bulletin is to enrich the community’s knowledge and skills for their sustainable development as a whole, Promote critical thinking and well-rounded intellectual life among scholars of the Oromo studies, Provide the opportunity for scholars to actively participate in the development of research on issues pertaining to Afaan Oromoo, Literature and Culture, Identify and solicit resources and research funds for further scholarly works.

After presentation different comments and questions were raised by the participants regarding the continuity, quality, structure of the bulletin.

The participants forwarded the recommendations: for Improving the usability of Afaan Oromoo in different task environment the department should collaborate with all concerned bodies in and out of the university, responsible stakeholders from district and zone and any individual person.

Participants were HU staff, representatives of eastern and western Hararghe zone’s Culture and tourism bureaus, education bureaus representative.


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