Orientation Given to Primary School Female Leader Candidates for the 2nd Time


College of Education and Behavioral Sciences of HU in collaboration with Education Sector Development Program under the Ministry of Education welcomed 110 primary school female teachers on 22 March 2018 for three-month’ female leadership training. This training is held for the second time.

According to Mr. Habtamu Menber, Training Coordinator of Primary School Female Leadership Training, the College has taken part in the national female leadership training of primary school teachers from material design up to conducting the training which goes to show the University’s commitment in realizing females’ empowerment. The three-month training has four packages: School Leadership and Management Package, Policy Package, Cross Cutting Issues, and Basics of ICT and Education Management Information System Package.


During the opening session, Dean of the College, Dr. Dawit Negassa, indicated that education expands women’s opportunities, enhances their capacity to full potential, contributes to more equal gender relations, and enables women contribute to the political and equitably benefit from development endeavors in the country.


He said, “The three-month training program is offered in 11 universities, selected based on their capacities and track records in providing such trainings, and we are honored and proud to be part of this grand initiative starting from its inception up to developing the national curriculum and thereby successfully accomplishing the first round training program organized in 2009 E.C. for 175 females drawn from the East and West Hararghe Zones of Oromia, Afar and Harari Regions and Dire Dewa City Administration.”

Dr. Dawit added that, “We are extremely pleased that majority of these women are already in the system working as educational leaders and setting examples for the current and next generations by influencing patriarchal system of education we have by using as a weapon, the wisdom, knowledge, skills, insights, and confidence they developed during their training here at the College Education and Behavioral Sciences of Haramaya University.”

Prof. Chemeda Fininsa, President of the University, in his welcoming speech said that promoting gender equality through women’s empowerment has become the major policy strategy to achieve human development, poverty eradication and economic growth.

He added that, “The primary school female leadership training is also part of the capacity building program plan, which is the first of its kind, as an empowerment mechanism for females with the hopes to continue to secondary schools.”

Delegates of East and West Hararghe Zones of Oromia, Harari Region and Dire Dewa City Administration Regional Education Teacher Development Program Heads, and the University’s different level management bodies attended the opening ceremony.

During the orientation program, Primary School Female Leadership Training Candidates raised their concerns regarding the training and their stay at Haramya University for three months. Hence, the necessary responses were given by the concerned bodies of the university, and Delegates of East and West Hararghe Zones of Oromia, Harari Regions and Dire Dawa City Administration Regional Education Teacher Development Program Heads.

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