Mathematics Department Organized Public Lecture


Mathematics Department in collaboration with the College of Natural and Computational Sciences (CNCS) organized a public lecture on “Computational Modeling of Fluid Flows and Heat Transfer in Engineering and Biological Systems” on May 02, 2019 at University`s Resource Center.

The lecture was delivered by Prof. Oluwole Daniel Makinde from Stellenbosch University, South Africa. He presented the advantage of Computational Modeling of Fluid Flows and Heat Transfer in Engineering and Biological Systems. Prof. Makinde used practical examples like heat transfer mechanism (conduction convection and radiations) and current trends of coolant in engineering systems, disease epidemiology, runoff, and aerodynamics to illustrate mathematical modeling. He also showed the multidisciplinary characteristics of the field to encourage participants to develop the culture of working together. “It is unlikely to succeed if you work alone,” He said, “Mathematical modeling requires the involvement of diverse experts in the project under investigation.”

He also used the forum to encourage mathematicians to be bold enough in implementing the theoretical knowledge gained to be translated into the public goods through collaboration with specialists from the field of agriculture, engineers and medical practitioners.

Prior to the lecture session, Mr. Arbsie Yasin, Coordinator of the event and a lecturer under the Department, pointed out the main objective of the lecture is to craft collaboration between Mathematics Department of HU and Mathematics Department of Stellenbosch University, as HU is contemplating to launch a PhD program in the coming academic year in Mathematics.

During the welcoming speech, Dr. Getachew Abebe, Dean of CNCS, appreciated the effort made by the Department in launching and sustaining new postgraduate program through forging linkages with universities abroad. It was said that mathematical research, which was unthinkable some years back in the department, is now becoming a reality. “Public talks like this could stimulate young mathematician to initiate and embark on research activity” added Dr. Getachew.

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