Language Training is given for post graduate diploma training /PGDT/ students and office secretaries


Haramaya University English Language Improving Center has given training for the post graduate diploma training /PGDT/ students and office secretaries on Integrated English Language Communication Skills.

Hararmaya University’s English Language Improvement Centre in collaboration with the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences has given training for the PGDT students.


The training aimed at improving the students’ English language communication skills, for they are going to be high school teachers who are to use English language to deliver lessons.

The trainees were grouped into five different sections, and the training was given by well qualified teachers from the School of Foreign Languages and Journalism on August 23rd and 24th, 2016.

During the opening session of the training, Dr. Getnet Demissie, College Dean of Education and Behavioral Sciences stated that the training would strength the candidates’ English language communication skills.


Few trainees after the training said that the training was rendered when they were rambling with the target language usage in the class as they were on practicum during the training time. Thus, the training course to them was well timed and appropriate.

This training was given just after training on classroom English and English for secretaries was given for the junior university instructors and the university secretaries respectively. Classroom English was given from April 09 – 10, 2016 aimed at improving the teachers’ English language usage which would help them to rigorously deliver lessons in the target language, English.

By the same office then, the training on English for secretaries was also given to seventy secretaries of the university for two consecutive weekends.


Mr. Melkamu Alemu, English Language Improving Center coordinator stated that this training has been prepared based on the need of the target group. Its purpose was to enable the secretary’s use Basic English in communicating with expatriates who are working in the university and who may come being gusts. He also added that this training would boost trainees’ basic and technical writing, which is related to their office routines.

At the end of the training, one of the trainees explained that the training was crucial in bridging the gap they had in relation with English language usage. The second candidate added that this kind of training is so important increasing the efficiency of the secretaries in using the language properly.

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