International Workshop on Camel Dairy Technologies held from July 7 to 8, 2016 at Dire Dawa Ras Hotel


Haramaya University (HU) has hosted an International workshop on camel Dairy Technologies from July 7 to 8, 2016 at Dire DawaRas Hotel.
In this workshop more than 80 participants were attended including invited national and International guests (from different part of the world such as Denmark, Switzerland, France, Taiwan, Kzhakistan and Kenya). In the two days active events, more than 21 research papers on different aspects of the sector raging from camel domestication, camel milk production, camel milk processing, marketing, safety and value chain analysis were presented by both national and international renowned scientists in the area.
This workshop is a mid-term workshop of Haramaya Camel Dairy Project which is running from January 2013 to December 2017. The project is helping MSc and PhD students in Dairy Technology who are working their thesis and dissertation research on camel dairy technologies. This workshop is intended to present the outcome these students’ research as well as status of camel dairy technologies in the world. Therefore, internationally renowned guests in the field were invited and shared their reach experiences.
Dr. Mitiku Eshetu, South Coordinator of Haramaya Camel Dairy Project, welcomes the workshop participants and expressed in sincere wish for fruitful workshop deliberation.
Haramaya University Head of the School of Animal and Range Sciences, Dr. Yosef Tadesse’s paper was on Early Migration and Origin of Domestication of Camel in Ethiopia from Matrilineal Genetic Diversities, Rock Shelter Camel Paintings and their Fossils. In his research result he indicated that origin for domestication of Dromedary camel is both Ethiopia and Middle East at the same time in contrary to the previous information that center of domestication of camel is Middle East.
The future prospects of the sector as well as the possible challenges were presented by Dr.Mitiku Eshetu from HU and Prof.Bernard Faye from Montpelier France. The presenters in there concept have shared that the sector has many challenges and also indicated as the sector has untapped huge potential that needs further development and undertaking of fundamental science research. In addition the fundamental scientific investigation going on at Haramaya on Lactic acid bacteria starter culture development were presented by principal investigator of Haramaya Camel Dairy Project, Prof. EgonBech Hansen from Denmark.
Development of processing technology suitable for camel milk processing in order to develop new dairy product from camel will were also one of the issue presented by Prof. Richard Ipsen, Prof. Karsten Brunn Qvist from Denmark, Dr. tefan Kappler from Switzerland and Mr.Yonas Hailu from HU. Presenters have emphasized on the molecular compositional differences between camel and cow milk as the causes for divergence for implementation of existing cow milk processing technologies for camel milk.
Success and trial stories related to camel milk processing in to different products such as cheese, yoghurt were also one of the points of discussion. Prof. GaukharKonuspayeva from Kazakhstan, Anne Brunte from Kenya has indicated the success stories and also made demonstration of cheese made from camel milk for exhibition to the participant. In addition soft brined cheese made from camel milk by Mr.Yonas Hailu at HU and camel milk products on market delivered by Berwaqo camel milk processing were also displayed during the workshop time as exhibition.
The safety issue of camel milk being marketed currently in the Eastern part of the country was one of the most sensitive issue during the discussion.

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