‘Innovative Teaching and Competency Based Curriculum Design’ for Better Higher Education


The ‘Innovative Teaching and Competency Based Curriculum Design’ training, organized by the Academic Programs Directorate in collaboration with Vice-president for Academic Affairs was conducted on December 25-27, 2016 at the University’s Resource Center.


According to Mr. Aychiluhm Kassie, Coordinator for the Academic Development and Resource Center, the main objective of the training was to support the academic staff in becoming a logical module planner, developer and implementer, aware of the important decisions to be made and use the variety of possibilities available. He said the training also aimed at bringing awareness to current thinking on and to the tasks in higher education.


The training program was officially opened by Dr. Yilfashewa Seyoum, Director for Academic Programs, who in his opening speech stated, “This training is purposefully designed to achieve the University’s goal of being the leading and competent institution in the country in academic excellence through innovative teaching and competency based curriculum design.”

The training was given by Mr. Sisay Awgichew and Mr. Yonas Amdemskel, the staff members of College of Education and Behavioral Sciences. Thirty one (31) senior staff members were involved from all colleges and HIT. Since the issues raised were very interesting in dealing with the current thinking surrounding the education system, trainees were actively participating.

After the training, trainees reflected on the raised concepts and expressed their delight on the opportunity they had had to further and broaden their understandings and careers.  They had also recommended that the University continue its support to carry on such types of multi-dimensional trainings to the rest of the academic staff members, especially for CHMS and HIT. On a similar note, Dr. Yilfashewa promised that his Office will organize trainings on similar concepts and will give opportunities to the rest of the academic staff as soon as possible.


With the completion of the training sessions, certificates were awarded by Prof. Nigussie Dechassa, Vice-president for Academic Affairs. In his closing speech, Prof. Nigussie said, “We organized this training to empower the University’s academic staff for the better success in teaching and research activities in line with the current thinking of curriculum preparation and implementation. I believe that the training would be valuable for the trainees to redesign curriculums consistent with its implementation and effectiveness.”

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