HU’s staff members and students discussed on the higher education directives for maintaining peace


Haramaya University academic staffs and Administration council members held a discussion on maintain peaceful Teaching-Learning process in the current academic year at Afran Kallo hall on October 11, 2019.

The document which prepared by Ministry of Science and Higher Education focused on higher education trends and the coming years directions, was presented to the participants. In the document, the previous government’s attention given to the Education sector was briefly discussed in relative to that of the incumbent government. As the document, the education sector obtain the highest level of budget allocations even though the education sector product(students) quality and job market is declining from time to time in comparing with the number of educated human power produced from the sector.

In addition, the teaching-learning environment is now days becoming disturbed by the external political waves. The discussion is, therefore, held to formulate a solution and to set directions for the 2012 E.C academic year. In order to make 2012 E.C a peaceful and fruitful academic year as is being thought, every concerned body including the Ministry of Science and Higher Education should fulfill its responsibility as the sector needs.

In the discussion, many questions, comments and suggestions were forwarded to the stage. Among them are: Rule of law should be respected, Continuous discussion should be held with stake holders, Cases for conflict should be solved in advance, Teachers and students should be engaged fully in their duty, Good governance problems should be solved, Political issues shouldn’t be entertained in the University and so on.

At the end, appreciating the questions, comments and suggestions raised by participants, the University Acting President Dr. Jemal Yousuf gave some elaboration and the way forward for 2012 E.C academic year.

Similarly, discussion with HU’s students was held on the document on October 14, 2019.  

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