HU Team Participates in World Youth Assembly


A team from Haramaya University participated in the 2016 Summer World Youth Assembly which was held from August 10 up to 12, 2016 at the UN Headquarters in New York, USunder the theme of “Transform Vision in to Action”.

Haramaya University’s delegates comprised of three 4th Year College of Law (COL) students namely Abdurazak Kedir, Endalkachew Abera, Andinet Adinew and one IOT student Mastewal Assefa and the team coach Moges Zewdu, assistance lecturer at COL.

The Youth Assembly is the largest youth conference at the United Nations, the very heart of global change.  It is a unique platform which fosters dialogue and generates partnerships between exceptional youth, UN high officials and staff, the private sector, and civil society.


Haramaya University, World Youth Assembly Delegates

The UN Youth Assembly, convened twice a year in winter and summer, is intended to bring young future leaders with the age range of 16-28 from around the world at the United Nations and examined the important role of youth in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The program is co-organized by Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (FAF) and hosted by UN Head Quarter in New York.

According to Instructor Moges Zewdu, the team leader, it is the first time that a team from Ethiopia was represented in UN Youth Assembly, although the Youth Assembly is on its 18th round since its establishment. In the History of the Youth Assembly, Africa is less represented and Ethiopia has never sent delegates.

Moges indicated that HU team has had phenomenal time throughout the program and grasped many experiences from the fellow participants. There was presentation by youth leaders and UN experts followed by interactive discussions, question and answer sessions.

“Our group have participated in different discussions, asked questions and even made presentations,” Moges added.


Youth Assembly delegate, Andinet Adinew and Abdurazak Kedir making participation in the Assembly.      

Endalkachew Abera, HU Youth Assembly delegate, explained that they have made every effort to get engaged in discussions and side talks.

“We are exceptionally inspired by speeches delivered by different youth leaders and UN Ambassadors. Every single moment was a learning session for us, learning by observation and from others,” Endakachew added.

Endalkachew also said that the team got good insights about how their fellow delegates overcame challenges and worked hard to alleviate serious problems in the world.


“We discussed how to end hunger, ensure quality educations, mainstreaming gender equality, curb climate change and its impacts and much more. We shared experiences of others on different pressing issues,” Endalkachew said.

According to Moges, despite HU’s small size compared to other delegates from Asia, they have had a leading role in all discussions they have participated in.

“We also proposed some resolutions, particularly on climate change and its impacts and quality education to all. All in all, our team was busy having interactive discussions, getting to know new people and forwarding our thoughts .To the future as a delegate, we have to arrange platforms to share our experiences to Ethiopian youth and commit ourselves to what we have pledged. Generally, we fully represented Haramaya University, in particular and Ethiopia, in general. ” Moges said.

Moges Zewdu, the team leader

Moges thanked Haramaya University administration and College of Law for facilitating and generously sponsoring the team.

“There would have been no delegate from Ethiopia had it not been for the generous support of Haramaya University Administration.” he emphasized.

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