HU Conducting Research on Camel Milk, Diabetes


By Shemsedin Mohammed & SIsay Wakie


Haramaya University announced that is conducting a research on camel’s milk which is showing a promising sign as a source of treatment for diabetes.

Dr. Nigussie Bussa, director of the Central Laboratory, told reporters that a team of researchers have conducted a laboratory test on rats, which were infected by diabetes.

“The research mainly focused on camel’s milk, which is traditional thought as a medicine for diabetes, and on the various plants which are frequently eaten by camels,” Dr Nigussie indicated.


Dr. Nigussie added that the experimental rats, which were infected by diabetes, were fed with the camel’s milk and the plants. Subsequently, a promising progress was observed on the rats, which showed improvement from diabetes, according to the director.

Anteneh Belayineh, assistant professor at Biology Department, said the research was based on indigenous knowledge of communities from Oromia and Somali regional states. People who live in these areas and use camel’s milk, according to Anteneh, are relatively less exposed to diabetes.

Dr. Nigussie has confirmed the University’s readiness to offer support for post graduate students who are interested to conduct further research on the ongoing study of diabetes in relation to camel’s milk.

One comment on “HU Conducting Research on Camel Milk, Diabetes

  1. George Zeuthen, Denmark, on said:

    Dear University. I have accidentally been made aware of your camel milk project and think it sounds very exciting. I myself come of course from a culture where the dairy operation has been known for 1000s of years.
    Therefore, it is interesting to Danish and Ethiopian knowledge united and perhaps open up the use of a previously undetected fødereccource which can simultaneously contribute to the development of Ethiopia.

    I would therefore like to contact with someone who has extensive knowledge of camels in the Ogaden region, of course, based in Harar. Both in terms of practical camel team, the camel’s economic and social importance, and not least, what is the role of the local folklore.

    You are welcome to use my email


    George Zeuthen

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