Haramaya University Students’ Union Donates Books to nearby schools


Haramaya University Students’ Union and Community Service Club in collaboration with Community Development Directorate have donated different text and reference books worth over 25,000 Birr for three junior, secondary and preparatory Schools.


On the donation event held on November 01, 2016 at the local schools, Endalkachew Abera, President of Haramaya University Students’ Union, said the main objective of the contribution was to enhance the interaction between Haramaya University students and the surrounding community as well as to enable students to get updated supportive books.

The books have been distributed to Haramaya Preparatory School, Bate Secondary School and Primary School in a proportion of 70:20:10 respectively. Endalkachew added that additional books will also be distributed soon to these schools depending on the relevance and the uses they have for the ones they are already given. He stressed that the donated books value more than 25,000 Birr and his team made a tedious effort in collecting the books. In the future, they have a plan to build one library at Ganda Mude Preparatory School and currently, 60 % of the library design is finished.

 The book’s cover wider subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Civic, Mega Geography as well as different kinds of Galaxy Reference Series Books.


Among recipients, Mr. Fiseha Zewge, Director of Haramaya Preparatory School, said Haramaya University has been supporting the School for the last two years through donations of text and reference books which have an estimated cost of 10,000 Birr.

He appreciated the gift and highlighted the importance of having the books for quality teaching-learning process in the current state. He also pinpointed that the School is privileged to work with the University and would be involved with the University with other activities in the future. These books are believed to enhance the library of the school.


Among the students who attended the event at Haramaya Preparatory School, Murad Abrahim a Grade 11 student, said that the books would contribute to solve the shortage of reference books they have at the School and expressed his gratitude on behalf of the School students. Students from Bate Secondary School, Nijuma Hasan and Mahadi Abrahim, both Grade 9 students, said the donation they got was very curial in solving their reference book shortage and they appreciate the charity of the University.

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