Haramaya University is working to launch a new project with China’s Academy of Social Science


Haramaya University conducted an initial discussion with China’s Institute of Sociology and Academy of Social Science on how to launch a new partnership project. The discussion was held in the president office of Haramay University on October 17, 2019.

As was said in the discussion, the China’s Academy of Social Science aspires to work with Hramaya University, Addis Ababa University, and Hawasa University using the thought project.

The discussants started on the project concept by focusing on how to improve community’s living condition, which problem area should be addressed first, how the community’s real problems could be assessed and so on.

The project differs in its approaches from the usual project establishing way as it is not predesigned project; rather it will be designed after conducting a need assessment and identifying the community’s problems. Then the project will be implemented on the main problems of the community to maintain a possible solution.

In the discussion, for starting point of the project identification process, some problems were raised in related to the global warming the society’s malnutrition, the absence of enough job market for the youth society and other problems were discussed. After assessed and identifying the project design if it is possible to create fishpond; the malnutrition and absence of job market, water shortage and other problems will be solved.

Dr. Jemal Yousuf, the Haramaya University acting president said that, to establish a partnership with china’s academy of social science and to work together on the area of research and human resource development, discussion is holding between the Haramaya University and china’s academy of social science.

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