Haramaya University conducts Training on Attitudes of work and Work Environment


The Directorate for Continuing and Distance Education (DCDE) in collaboration with the Department of Sociology conducted training for staff members on Attitude towards Work and Work Environment.


Director of Continuing and Distance Education Directorate, Dr. Solomon Tekalign, stated that the training was prepared in line with the very nature of the Directorate: the non- regular students/customers, non-regular time duration that enforces staff members to work during evenings, weekends, holydays, etc. Both of these issues require readiness, interest, special concern, cooperation and time that call for the development of unique attitude that should address the customers’ demands as much as possible. He added that, the current training is of contemporary type that will contribute much to the improvement of the overall activities of the Directorate and satisfaction of the customers.

The main topics addressed during the training session were: The Definition, Concept and Development of Attitude, Manifestations and Effects of Attitude at Workplace, Impacts of Negative Thinking/behavior and How to Manage them for Better Work Environment, How to become a Diligent and Descent Worker,  Workplace Discipline and its Importance

The total trainees were 46, of this, 17 trainees (37%) are female while 27 of them (63%) are male in gender. The training was a practical training that enabled all the trainees to trace back to own activities and personal attitudes towards not only work and work environment but also day to day life and livelihood. As the DCDE is basically involved with the non-regular education programs at non-regular sessions, the training is believed to add importance value to the routines the Directorate. It is also believed to bring capacity building to the staffs and thereby improve their performances and satisfaction of the customers.

On the training reflections were made that trainees agreed on the importance of the training for it helped them to check their attitude towards work and work environment. They recommended that the training brought the staffs of the Directorate to get together for common end for the improvement of the work and work environment as well as it helped them as a mirror for self assessment and evaluation.

Duration of the training better extended to include theoretical and practical works.  It should be designed for other staffs and management bodies of the HU in general.

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