Haramaya University attends Ginbot 20 Exhibition


Haramaya University attends an exhibition commemorating the 25th Silver Anniversary of Ginbot 20, the Down Fall of Derg. The exhibition was officially commenced by H.E. Dr. Mulatu Teshome, FDRE’s President.
Their Excellence Dr. Mulatu Teshome and Mr. Redwan Hussein
The exhibition held at the Millennium Hall from 23-26 May, 2006 hosted universities, micro and macro enterprises, factories, importers and exporters in all sectors. Attendees varied from school students to community members to researchers and academicians.
Representatives of the University showcased the many achievements from the fields of agriculture, technology and publications. Latest research accomplishments drew the attentions of the attendees and the response the university got was overwhelming and encouraging.
Other universities and enterprises presented their research outcomes and products and experiences were shared on their achievements and challenges.
In his closing remark H.E. Mr. Redwan Hussein said the exhibition was a success in all aspects and the number of attendees’ excided the expectation. More than 250 institutions and organizations attended the exhibition and more than 120,000 attendees were hosted in the four day exhibition. H.E. Mr. Redwan thanked and congratulated the organizers, exhibitioners and attendees for their diligent and hard work, and said the industry sector should strive to lead the country’s economy.
A certificate awarding session was held at the end, and the exhibition as a whole was a very good opportunity to showcase and introduce the innovative works of HU researchers and the University’s community in general.

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