Graduation ceremony is celebrated


After two years successful training, U.S. State Department in cooperation with Haramaya University English Language Improvement Center (ELIC) conducted graduation ceremony for more than 100 English Access Micro-scholarship Program students at resource center on Nov 02, 2019.

In the opening ceremony, Dr. Dawit Negasa, the dean of Behavioral Sciences College, saying that he believes the training helps students as a spring board for their gorgeous future career and life; he thanked all those who participated in the realization of the program.

Mr. Melkamu Alemu, the coordinator of ELIC and the program, in his turn, said that the objectives of the program are designed to facilitate the student’s English language improvement, to develop the culture of community service, and to create some awareness about the American culture. As Mr. Melkamu, the program training method was supported with practical activities and field trips for the sake of developing their interrelations and explaining skills.

According to Mr Melkamu, ‘English Access Micro-scholarship program’ is a two year international project realized with American Government45thousand dollar financial support opened for competition. Winning the international project was, there for, the first step in order to realize English Access Micro-scholarship program in Haramaya University. The US embassy has also provided those who have attended the program successfully with a chance to compete for trainings and scholarship programs in United Stat of America. The students who participated in the program were selected from the surrounding eight schools including Haramaya University Model school students.

In the graduating ceremony, the students have presented great appreciation for the program, the coordinators, the teachers and American government as it was really helpful and meaningful for them. They also asked the concerned ones for the program continuity so that other students can get such a wonderful chance. At last, all participant students have certified.

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