Field day is conducted on Kurfachele and Gurawa Districts/woreda Research centers


Research affairs vice president office of Haramaya University organized a field day program in its research center established in Kurfachele and Gurawa Districts on July 13, 2019.

Aiming to abundantly produce improved, locally adopted, diseases resistant products, the University is conducting multi-faceted researches on animals, fruits, and seed verities in different geographical locations with different weather conditions of which the two are Kurfachele and Gurawa Districts/ Woreda research centers.

While Animal breeding researches are mainly conducted in the Kurfachele research site, which was the Care Ethiopia research site up to 2008 EC, the target of the researches is on cattle, goat and chickens. Particularly chickens which can adapt the local food resource are produced in the research conducted, which, in turn, helps to avoid food difference that related to product interruption when the chickens are distributed to the society.

The researchers also conducted and conduct researches to ensure food security in the society. Accordingly ….clarifying the nutrition contents, the researchers recommended the chaya plant and sweet potato to the community. Following this, more than 100 plants have been planted by the community and the researchers in the Kurfachele research center.

In Gurawa research center, too, a number of researches are being conducted in different aspects. Among these, the researchers have introduced Apple plant hybriding center and improved potato seed multiplying center to the community. At the time of the introduction, 10 farmers each were given five hybrid apple plants which were adapted to the local weather. Totally, more than 60 farmers have received the hybrid and adapted Apple plant in the last four years.

According to Mr. Admikew Hiyle, delegated vice president for research affairs, the general purpose of researches is to solve and simplify problems of the society by modifying the existing products and innovating new technologies as much as possible. To fulfill the thought purpose, organizing events like the field day of today is vital as it helps us to bring the researchers and the community together; to know how the research outputs are used in the community, how much the problems of the society are solved; to introduce new research outputs; and to set a direction in order to decide what kind of researches should be conducted for the future.

Generally within the last four years (2008-2011 E.C), more than 390 farmers have got 342,712 birr worth benefits in different aspects from Kurfachele research center. Likewise, more than 879 individual farmers have made 524,220 birr worth benefits in different aspects from Gurawa research center within the same period of time (2008-2011 E.C).

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