FDRE’s President Stresses University should continue on its Community based works


Haramaya University in collaboration with BMVSS, an NGO based in India, donated 300 Jaipur, artificial limb, to individuals residing in eastern Ethiopia.
FDRE President, H.E. Dr. Mulatu Teshome, Indian Ambassador to Ethiopia and Djibouti, Sahri Anurag Shrivastava, Harari Regional State President, H.E. Mr. Murad Abdulhadi and other distinguished guests were in attendance.
President Dr. Mulatu addressed the people gathered at the ceremony and said the Ethiopian government is working to ensure the social security/health of the physically disabled, elders and people living in unfavorable conditions to be involved in the growing economic growth of the country and to have a fair representation and coverage in the eyes of the law. He stressed the government together with stakeholders is working to guarantee the wellbeing of these individuals.
On a similar note, the President praised the tremendous work the University is doing to support and hire legal representations to people who do not have the means to hire lawyers. The University has 43 legal aid centers in the surrounding areas and serves annually for around 100,000 beneficiaries in these centers. The different donations to schools, health centers and hospitals, and the hard work it does to support the agricultural sector in general are worth mentioning.
The President also appreciated academicians and researchers of the University for their Numerous Projects and their implementations in support of the country’s economic, social and economic situations.
Three individuals who have received the Jaipur donation demonstrated how functional the artificial limb has made their lives and how it made it easy was to carry on with their day-to-day activities.
HU’s Office for the Vice-president for Community Development and Enterprise Development gave recognition and presented appreciation gifts to individuals who came from India to facilitate this donation and Prof. R.S. Bansal, who is very instrumental in the whole process and a staff member of College of Veterinary Medicine.


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