Ethiopian Society of Animal Production celebrated 25th Silver Jubilee


Ethiopian Society of Animal Production celebrated its 25th Silver Jubilee in Haramaya University from August 24-25, 2017.
Prof. Fekadu Beyene, Minister of Ministry of Livestock and Fishery, on the occasion said technological processes need to be implemented to advance the livestock resources. He also added that there are efforts are being made in irrigation technology and advanced research outputs in order to alleviate problems related to animal feed that stems from climate change.
The Minister indicated beside the activities being done by the Ministry, higher educational institutions need to address the problems of the agropastoralists through problem-solving research activities.

Dr. Getachew Gebru, President of ESAP, said “The Ethiopian Animal Production Society is a professional society which was established in 1990 with the objective of promoting the advancement of livestock production through sustained scientific research, development and extension. ESAP is working toward fostering interest in research and development in animal production; as well as safeguarding professional quality, academic standards and relevance in research.”

Prof. Chemeda Fininsa, President of Haramaya University, on his part said in addition to the learning-teaching process, the University is doing its part in asserting its resources to improve the livelihood of the society, and researches in livestock resources and health are among them.
“The University,” he added, “has distributed improved varieties of sheep and goats that give improved quality and quantity of meat and milk productions to the surrounding agrarians”

According to Prof. Chemeda, the University sends its animal production students to nearby towns in East Hararghe Zone, Harari Region and Dire Dawa Administration to give vaccinations for diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans.

On the occasion, a certificate and medals ceremony was conducted to individuals who have contributed to the establishment and development of the Society. The two-day event saw the presentations of scientific papers on livestock resources and animal production as well as an animal fair, where individuals from the surrounding community presented their experiences in livestock fattening and rearing.

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