Colleges Award Top Scoring Students


College of Law (CoL) and College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES)awarded top scoring students in ceremonies held on December 03 and December 07, 2016, respectively.


CoL also facilitated a welcoming ceremony forfreshman students, and the main purpose of the event was to inform students the many services provided by the College inside and outside campus as well as to inspire them by awarding outstanding senior students.  Senior students shared their experiences and gave advice on time management, being a competent student and focusing on education.


In addition to the senior students, Instructors, the representatives from Students’ Union, Girls’ Union and Forum of Female shared their experiences of campus life, managing relationships with people, managing time, developing leadership qualities and exceling amongst a large group of students.

On a similar note,College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES) awarded 40 top scoring students from various departments. It was expressed that the College wants its students to have the aspiration of becoming among the top professionals in their fields of specialization. With this, the Collegewould continue to do everything to support its students in maximizing their potentials and achieving their aspirations. The College aspires to produce graduates that are competent not only in local market, but also in regional and international arenas.



During the occasion, Dr. Kibebew Kibret, Dean of the College, said, “The purpose of the award is to motivate our students (those who are receiving the award today and others who aspire to be one of the winners in the future) for better achievements.”


Dr. Kibebew added that recognizing the achievements of special students is one among the many efforts that the College in particular and the University at large are exercising. He said he strongly hopes that the recognition of top-performing students will give them the extra impetus and momentum for even more great performance and also motivate others who have the potential to make it to this level. He said, “Students should believe in the saying, ‘Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.’ What is required from you students is to believe in yourself and to think that you can achieve what you want provided that you make the effort your envisaged goal requires. Remember that, all the time, good life requires good effort.”


Top scoring students were awarded by Prof. Nigussie Dechassa, Vice-president for Academic Affairs. The Professor said, “Today, we are living in a highly competitive world where opportunities are very much limited as compared to the number of professionals universities and other training institutions are producing. It means that a mere graduation from a program alone is not enough by itself. To break into this highly competitive job market, we need to double or triple our efforts. Most of the vacant positions require extra-ordinary achievements in ones field of specialization. This implies that we need to exert an effort that gets us to the top position where free seats are still available.”


The award ceremony was organized and presented by CAES in collaboration with the College’s Registrar Office. During the occasion, Mr. Belayneh Engidawork, Registrar Head of the College, said this kind of event will continue in the future in a better way to encourage students. The event was attended by instructors and staff members from all programs of the College.



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