College of Law Team Shows Impressive Performance in International Competition


By College of Law

The College of Law (CoL) team, which consisted of four students and a coach, showed an impressive performance in the 2015 Susan J. Ferrell Intercultural Human Rights Competition that took place from January 30 up to February 1, 2015 at St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami Gardens, Florida.


Haramaya University CoL is the only institution not only from Ethiopia but also from Africa to partake in the highly anticipated competition. The score sheet sent to CoL show that the HU team, which was known in the competition as team number 66, scored 106 as an applicant and 96 as a respondent.

The HU CoL team was particularly admired for its oral argument. According to Prof. Dr. iur. Siegfried Wiessner, professor of law and director of Graduate Program in Intercultural Human Rights St. Thomas University School of Law, the HU team “has thoroughly impressed the judges in oral argument, fighting valiantly against some of the toughest, most experienced teams that made it to this event.”


“I particularly enjoyed the erudition of your brief, touching on various issues of international law seen by few,” Prof. Dr. iur. Siegfried explained in an e-mail sent to CoL.

The winners of this year’s competition were participants from Duke Law School from the USA. According to the information obtained from the competition’s organizers, student teams from eight law schools from four continents came to compete in this highly challenging moot proceeding before the International Court of Justice.

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