College of Law Receives Donation of Legal Textbooks from Northwestern University


By College of Law


Haramaya University’s College of Law has recently received a donation of fifty (50) cases of legal textbooks from the African Legal Library Project (ALLP) based at the Northwestern University School of Law, Chicago, IL, USA.

The textbooks, which number more than one-thousand (1,000), are on various legal subjects, ranging from alternative dispute settlement, international environmental law, intellectual property law, and even subjects like forensic science; and many others.  The books will be housed in the newly established College of Law and Social Science Library, making the legal book collection grow both in depth and in size.


The book donation was made possible through a newly established and growing partnership between HU’s College of Law and Northwestern University’s School of Law. In the last academic year, Mr. Tiglu Meles, lecturer in College of Law and head of Clinical Education, spent two weeks at the Bluhm Legal Clinic at Northwestern University School of Law receiving training on clinical legal education. While in Chicago, Mr. Tiglu was able to make many valuable connections, which later led to the donation of these legal textbooks.

Both Boeing Airline Company and Ethiopian Airlines also contributed their part, as the Boeing Airline Company shipped the books aboard a brand-new Boeing 787 Dreamliner that was being delivered to Ethiopian Airlines in Addis Ababa. Thanks are also due to the Haramaya University administration for helping to facilitate matters with Ethiopian Airlines cargo; and very special thanks goes to Mr. Tiglu Meles, who not only facilitated the original donation but also later managed to navigate through the complicated web of customs offices in order that College of Law receives these very important textbooks.

College of Law is also sending an additional two (2) staff members- Assistant Lecturers Dawit Berihun and Fasika Kenea- to the Northwestern University School of Law this September 2014 to further cement the burgeoning partnership and to receive further advanced training on clinical legal education. This program is being organized and funded through College of Law’s Access to Justice and Legal Awareness (AJLA) Project.




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