College Held Panel Discussion on Performance Activities of Hiwot Fana Referral Specialized University Hospital


College of Health and Medical Sciences held a panel discussion on March 30, 2018 at Harar Campus. The discussion was with the surrounding community on the activities of Hiwot Fana Specialized University Hospital. The panel discussion intended to create awareness and update the University community on the activities and discuss on the efforts and achievements the hospital.

During the occasion, Dr. Biftu Geda, Chief Administrator & Development Directorate of the College, said, “Our teaching hospital has been trying to improve its service working with the government and key partners; as an example the recent teaching and medical building under construction is one of its huge investments, exceeding one billion birr, in our university’s history.” the University Hospital’s Obstetric Department admits more than 3000 patients per year, with 2664 delivery services.

Dr. Biftu added, Hiwot Fana is a referral and teaching hospital serving for about six million people having the vision ‘to be the center of excellence in the delivery of quality medical and health services in Eastern Ethiopia and excelling in training of multi-discipline health professionals for the nation’.

Dr. Redwan Ahamed, Chief Clinical Directorate Director of the hospital, on his part said, “Now the hospital serves as a teaching venue for physicians and other health worker training programs serving people living in the eastern part of Ethiopia.” He added, “We [the Hospital and its staff] need your support and the community should encourage the activities of the hospital. Such joint discussions should be habits to follow for the future in order to design and does fruitful decision work.”

Mr. Fatihi Mehadi, Vice-head of Harari Regional Health Bureau, in his closing speech said, “Hiwot Fana Specialized University Hospital serves as a referral hospital for the entire eastern part of the Ethiopia, including the Eastern Oromia, Dire Dawa City Administration, Somali and Harari regional states.”

Mr. Fatihi added since, the available resources through government budget are limited; the hospital cannot undertake such huge activities and cannot provide quality services at the same time. Of course, the hospital cannot do much without our support. In order to overcome some of these challenges and have quality services, we all need to make an effort, and with your usual support we need to continue to do more.”

Different constructive points and comments were raised by participants and reflections were forwarded on the efforts and achievements of the Hospital. Finally, the participants appraised the panel discussion as such kinds of occasions are important to share their experiences and to strengthen  the collaboration between the Hospital and partners as well as with the surrounding community. As a final note, they promised they would continue their commitment to support in all they can.

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