College Celebrates Science Day


Collage of Natural and Computational Sciences (CNCS) in collaboration with the office of Vice-president for Enterprises Development and its Directorates celebrated “Science Day” colorfully in the presence of students from schools around the campus and from Dire Dawa on May 24, 2018.


The day was celebrated with a slogan: ‘Science for Sustainable Community Development’; accompanied by various activities including visitation of onsite laboratory setups and execution of experiments to elucidate scientific principles in practice, displays of banners with scientific information. The final leg of the mathematics competition was also undertaken under the auspices of Mathematics Olympiad.

The competition was held among seven preparatory and high schools categorized into two groups. Prior to this, similar competitions were held within the individual school to select those who would represent their schools during the final leg. The final Olympians competed on the Science Day in the presences of invited guests, students, teachers and school administrators and staff members of the College. This program was launched with the main objective to resuscitate the interest of the students in mathematics and nurture their skill.

The session was closed with an award and recognition ceremony. Dr. Getachew appreciated staff members of the College and those who supported the event directly or indirectly.

According to Dr. Getachew Abebe, Dean of the College, the main objective of the celebration is to induce and develop interest of Science and Mathematics on school children. He added that they are also aiming to establish and sustain linkage between the College and the students of the community.

On the same day the College also launched a three days laboratory training for science teachers drawn from ten preparatory and high schools. The training focused on topics which are relevant for the teachers to use in their teaching–learning to support their theory with the practice so that students can easily comprehend the topics. Sixty three teachers (Biology, Chemistry and Physics, 21 from each subject) attended the training. Similar trainings have been given for the last three years to capacitate and refresh teachers with hands on practical settings. So far, the training has been fruitful in some schools while a lot remains to be done in others.

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