CoL Students Win National Competition, Expected to Take Part in International Round


By College of Law

Haramaya University College of Law (CoL) students won the national round of a moot court competition which was held from February 21-22, 2015 at St. Mary University College Graduate Campus in Addis Ababa.

Barnabas Temesgen, Haileyesus Tadele, Mahlet Tassew and Yidnekachew Biru were the students who won the highly anticipated competition. These members of the team from Haramaya University CoL were accompanied by their coach, Dawit Berihun, who is staff member in the College.

The team from Haramaya University CoL was able to win the two oral rounds with 6 points each and the two memorial rounds with 3 points each. They scored a total of 18 points against the team from Addis Ababa University.

Winners of the national round are expected to take part in the international round of the Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition. It is one the most prestigious competitions that is held each year in April focusing on the most important issues in contemporary international law. It is under the supervision of the International Law Students Association.

Normally one team from each country that wins the national round will participate in the international rounds. However, usually most of the best universities from the US and Europe participate even if they are from the same country. Sometimes while one team wins and advances to the international rounds, other teams from the same country will also participate as runner up to the winning team.

Once law schools are registered to participate, the teams are required to present a written submission of the case both as applicant and respondent. The written submission will be evaluated and if it qualifies, the team will advance for the national oral round. This Year four universities from Ethiopia were registered for the competition. The universities are Bahir Dar University, Gonder University, Addis Ababa University and Haramaya University. Nevertheless, only Addis Ababa University and Haramaya University submitted the written pleadings and qualified for the national round.

This year’s Jessup competition focuses on the core international law issues of self determination and treaty interpretation. Students from all over the world will come together and argue their case before the International Court of Justice. Additionally, the competition involves a number of seminar and panel discussions, according to organizers of the event.

Participant students in this competition will benefit in enhancing their public international law knowledge. Furthermore, they will get the chance to improve their advocacy skill by arguing before the international Court of Justice, among many others.

By winning the national competition, Haramaya University CoL has demonstrated the skills and excellence of its students and all the staff members, according to a press release. It is to be recalled that few weeks a team from the College showed an impressive performance in an international competition held in the USA. The team was composed of Girum Seid,Robel Yeshitla,Henok G/Egzoabher, Mahlet Getachew (all of them graduating students) and Firew Tadesse (coach).

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