CASCAPE Project Improving Livelihood, Farmers Say


Various farmers in Gurawa and Kombolcha woredas indicated that their livelihood is improving as a result of the wide range of support offered by Haramaya University’s CASCAPE project.

The farmers expressed their views in the annual Farmers’ Filed Day that was organized by CASCAPE project few weeks ago in Gurawa and kombolcha woredas.


The field visit in Gurawa Woreda took place in Rasa Janata Kebele. The event included visits of farming sites of pre-scaling up of maize (Jibat) production as well as pilot scaling up of potato (Bubu) production technologies.

The field visit in Kombolcha Woreda encompassed two kebeles, Kakali and Bilisuma. Pilot scaling up of potato (Bubu) production technologies in selected farming sites were visited.

Farmers, who are beneficiaries of CASCAPE, told HU Online that the project has provided them with various crop varieties which proved to be more productive. In particular, the Bubu variety of potato has been the favorite of many farmers.

Belete Sahle, a farmer from Kombolcha Woreda, said he prefers Bubu variety as it is disease resistant and has high yield. 


“The other type of potato variety that I planted previously was totally destroyed by a disease,” Belete explained to HU Online.

Mekonnen Abebe, another farmer from the same Woreda, said he has planted the Bubu Variety alongside another variety that he used in previous time and found the difference amazing.

“I found the Bubu variety of potato that CASCAPE project introduced better and the difference was easily visible, Mekonnen explained adding that he currently doesn’t use any kind of pesticide, like previous times, in order to fight disease. 

Jemal Zekaria, another farmer from Kombolcha Woreda HU Online interviewed, said Haramaya University should expand its activities in other parts of the country so that other parts could be beneficiaries like him.

The farmers also indicated that their income is growing as a result of the assistance of from CASCAPE project in the past three and half year time.

Haile Deressa, CASCAPE Project Innovator, said Haramaya University has worked in building the capacity of farmers and disseminating best practices as well as technological innovations in various woredas.

“For instance, selected farmers from Gurawa Woreda were sent by the project to Arba Minch to participate a training in apple plantations,” he said adding that the nursery of apple seedlings is growing and showing promise in the area.


According to Haile, the project is also striving to create market linkages for the farmers by consulting different stakeholders. Preparing the platform for sharing experiences and best practices has been successful as a result of Farmers’ Research Group (FRG).

In Kombolcha Woreda, where the Bubu variety has been in high demand, CASCAPE is in the final stages of constructing potato seedling storages in three kebeles, Haile told HU Online.

The CASCAPE project in East Oromia is based at Harmaya University. The project implements innovations in five woredas in east and west Hararghe zones: Gurawa, Haramaya, Kombolcha, Metta and Habro.

A document prepared by CASCAPE indicates that the project is currently conducting different demonstration and evaluation trials, and pre-scaling and pilot scaling activities on 592 farmers’ fields. The project claims that it is implementing income diversification and natural resource rehabilitation activities on eight community groups with estimated direct beneficiaries of 587 farmers.

It is to be recalled similar field visits were also made a month ago in Habro Woreda.









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