Career Week Celebrated


Career Development Directorate celebrated career week by inviting motivational speakers from Addis Ababa and Harar. The target groups for the event were graduating class of 2019 from the Main and Harar Health Campus from December 5-7, 2018.

During the opening ceremony Dr. Yeheyis Bogale, Registrar Office Director and delegate for Vice-president for Academic Affairs Office, said that by working with different organizations and industries, the University is working to make the students globally well competitive graduates, and to achieve this mission the University will prepare such programs and trainings to the students.

Mr. Dejene Geshe, Career Development Directorate Director, said, “The career week is organized by the Career Development Directorate in collaboration with private organizations such as Ethio-jobs and” He added, “The main objective of organizing the career week is to aware graduate students of different opportunities and challenges of the real world, and help them to prepare for it. The idea was to make graduating students competitive in the job market by equipping them soft skills through motivational speech like this.”

In the program, life experiences, scientific concepts about employers’ need and what is expected from the job seeker such as ethics, subject matter knowledge, and so forth. At the end of each presentation, the students were given the chance to ask questions; and many of them appreciated the program.

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