ACE Climate-SABC Held First Ever Master’s Students Defense


Africa Center of Excellence for Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation (ACE Climate-SABC) of Haramaya University held the 1st Cohort Open Defense Examination of Master’s candidates from 7-8 February 2020 at Resource Center.

Two of the external examiners, making up the examining committee, came from abroad. A defense exercise conducted with such professional mix is instrumental in maintaining the quality of the thesis research work, and the postgraduate teaching in general.

According to Dr. Mulugeta Damie, Project Manager of ACE Climate-SABC, such open defense examination is one of the major activities put up on the annual plan of ACE Climate-SABC academic calendar. Dr. Tesfaye Lemma, Training and Research Head of the Center, said such activities primarily serve as a check and balance to ensure the quality of theses research works which are currently being carried out by the postgraduate students of the Center.

ACE Climate-SABC regional students come from Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia; of which 11 were female and 8 males. All the postgraduate students defended their research works successfully.

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