Admissions to Undergraduate Programs

General Provisions on Admission to Undergraduate Programs

  1. Admission to all regular undergraduate programs are processed according to the University’s admission policies and procedures.
  2. Admissions to all undergraduate continuing, summer and distance education programs shall be processed through the Directorate for continuing and distance education programs taking into account the Senate’s criteria applicable to it.
  3. Criteria for special admissions to individual programs shall be developed and recommended by college academic commissions and endorsed by Recruitment and Admission Committee (RAC)
  4. The University may determine special admission procedures for female students, students with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups.
  5. The spouse or children of the University permanent employee, from any public university, can be transferred to and admitted into a study program of the University. However, the field of study will remain as assigned by the Ministry of Education before the transfer affected.

Admission to Regular Undergraduate Programs.

Admission to the regular undergraduate degree programs of the University may be granted by the University to a candidate who fulfills the requirements specified under any one or more of the following three eligibility categories:

I. Admission of Preparatory Education Completes.

Admissions to undergraduate programs of any institution from preparatory schools shall be based on completion of the preparatory program and obtaining the necessary pass marks in the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination (EHEE)

II. Admission of Students with Foreign Examination Results.

other examinations of equivalent standard assessed by Recruitment and Admission Committee (RAC), and who passed the University Entrance Examination may be admitted into the University.

III. Admission as Advanced Standing.

Admission to all undergraduate degree programs with advanced standing level is processed through the Directorate for Academic Program Development, and granted by the Recruitment and Admission Committee (RAC) of the University. Given the availability of places, admission shall be on a competitive basis. Eligible applicants for advanced standing are graduates holding diplomas (2 or 3 years of college study) from accredited institutions of higher education may seek admission into the degree program of the University if they have:

  1. A minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA/CANG) of 2.00 upon graduation;
  2. A minimum of two years of post-diploma working experience in the intended field of study, where applicable;
  3. Favorable recommendations from their employers, where applicable; or
  4. Technical and vocational education and training graduates with pertinent qualifications and who satisfy entrance qualifications assessment set by the Ministry can be admitted; and
  5. Advanced standing admission is granted only during the first semester of each academic year.

Admission as Part-time Students.

  1. Part-time students are permanent University employees who are allowed to attend classes of the regular undergraduate program on a part-time basis for a degree.
  2. Applicants must meet the admission requirements of the University, serve the University for at least two years, and must obtain the approval of the administrative department, or the college they are affiliated to, prior to applying for admission to an academic program.
  3. Final admission must be endorsed by the University Managing Council.
  4. A part-time student, at his final year, may be allowed to finish his study as a full-time regular student upon approval of the concerned academic units and endorsed by a concerned vice President.

Special Admission.

  1. The University in certain circumstances may admit students jointly with other affiliated universities or institutes. Such admission may be processed at any time of the academic calendar as deemed appropriate. Students may also be admitted to more than one program at the same time. However, criteria for such special admissions to individual programs shall be developed and recommended by SC/DC and endorsed by the Admission and Placement Committee (APC).
  2. A student who has successfully finished a set of particular modules which entitles him to a degree may also pursue other related modules and earn another degree continuously. Details guidelines shall be worked out by Academic Standard and Quality Assurance Committee (ASQAC).
  3. Private applicants who fulfil admission requirements as regular students and produce evidence of financial support to cover full tuition fees and other expenses may apply for admission into the regular program. However, such admissions should be approved by the APC.
  4. Under no circumstances, private admissions to a regular program may exceed 5% of the total students admitted in such programs.
  5. Other special admission, such as people from disadvantaged areas, physically challenged people, people needing special training etc. may be granted by the decisions of the University.
  6. Special admissions into some programs may be granted to attract potentially resourceful candidates such as mature students to the regular undergraduate programs provided that:
  7. They have records of continuous employment for a minimum of 7 (seven) years, their works relate to the field of training to which they seek admission, and have proof of demonstrable achievement in their careers; and
  8. They pass an entrance examination to be administered by the relevant departments.
  9. Such admission shall be granted by the University Senate.