International Women’s Day at Haramaya University

Haramaya University Women, Children and Youth Affairs Directorate, in collaboration with the Student Service Directorate, the University Female Teachers’ Leadership Network, and Gender and Development Studies Department, celebrated International Women’s Day at Afren Kallo hall on March 17, 2022  with a motto “I am my sister’s guardian”.

The day was celebrated with various programs attended by student cafeteria female workers, female teachers, other female staffs and students.

Prof. Jeylan Wolyie, Haramaya University Vice President for Administration and Students’ Affairs, said “The day without women is dark; therefore, there is no day that goes by without the participation of women. Likewise, the country will not be able to sustain without the participation of women”. Prof. Jeylan recommended that the day for women should not be limited to March eight only. As women workers have been working under unfavorable conditions, we should recognize their efforts daily, added prof. Prof. Jeylan.

Mr. Sonesa Merga, Representative of the Directorate of Women, Children and Youth Affairs, in his part, said, “International Women’s Day is being celebrated for the 111th time internationally and 46th time nationally. In this occasion, I would like to tell you that the directorate is shouldering its responsibility by providing short term trainings, material and moral supporting to female staffs and students, taking gender gap as a serious concern.”  Knowing this, women are expected to take advantage of the opportunities that are currently being created and to work harder to break free from the stereotypes posed by men and show their potentials to the next generation as women can achieve their goals if they set goals and work accordingly though they have more workloads than men do, added Mr. Sonesa.

Mrs. Senait Belachew, the University’s Women, Children and Youth Affairs Directorate officer, in her turn, said that Haramaya University has given recognition awards to the student cafeteria female workers who have been tirelessly working day and night. The motivational award is thought to inspire other female employees in the cafeteria and other female employees in other departments will be further encouraged in the future, according to Mrs. Senait.

Finally, the celebration came to end with the participants’ appreciation of the programs and their expression of commitment to work harder for the future.

By: Aweke Ayalneh

Camera: Tewodros Lishan