Provide the highest quality support services to make Haramaya University (HU) the institution of choice for learning and working  

We provide quality HR services to attract, develop, motivate and retain a diverse workforce within a supportive work environment. We do this with an emphasis on customer service based on consultation and communication with members of the campus community.

We create enabling working environment


To attract, develop, retain and create excellent Human Resources and professional environment

The Human Resource Management and Development Directorate of Haramaya University has the following philosophies and values.

The philosophy of the university with respect to Human Resource shall be:

People First Value Values:

Being Accountable

  •  Openness and open mindedness – Strong communication and knowledge sharing
  •  Fairness and equity – providing equal opportunity to all
  • Empowerment – Authorize decision making power to employees

Living with other means

  • Cooperation and Partnership – to complement the private sector and other stakeholders
  • Foresight – to plan ahead with in the available resources

Managing for performance

  •  Leadership – to set the direction
  •   Expertise – to develop necessary skills and apply them in a professional manner
  •   Recognition and rewardsto motivate, coach, and recognize employees based on merits
  •  Effectiveness – to achieve objectives
  • Efficiency – to achieve value for money
  •  Prosperity – to ensure proper use of public money

Developing our culture of service

  • Commitment – to give our best
  •   Integrity – to be impartial and ethical
  •   Courtesy – to treat others decently
  •  Responsiveness – to react to the problems and changing circumstances
  •   Respect for all – respect for social needs of staff as family and community member

Working with others

  • Diversity – well coming differences and learning to and live together
  •   Team spirit –  towork together in team
  •   Involvement and participation – to encourage employees to take part in organizational decision making.
  •   Climate for action – to bring cultural shifts needed to motivate, empower, and align employees behind the strategy.

How Haramaya University can develop these cultural values and beliefs? The values and norms that are the basis of organizational culture are formed in four ways.

  1. Leaders in the university. Schein (1990) indicates that people identify with visionary leaders – how they behave and what they expect. They note what such leaders pay attention to and treat them as role models.
  2. Culture is formed around critical incidents – important events from which lessens are learnt about desirable or undesirable behavior.
  3. Furnham and Gunter (1993) proposed that culture develops from the need to maintain effective working relationships among organizations members and this establishes values and expectations.
  4.  Culture is influenced by the organizations environment. Ability to manage the working environment effectively is a plus towards developing values and beliefs in the university.

Finally, the reigning values and beliefs in an organization must support the performance of its sytem. In addition, the management system should primarily shape employee’s values and beliefs – the issues and concerns that people in the organization think are important and to which they pay attention significant attention.