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The Health Centre

Health Clinic


Haramaya University provides health care services to its regular and summer students in its clinic. The clinic is on the way to upgrade to the level of health center with the completion of the new building and acquisition of complete and up-to-date health care equipment and facilities.

The health care service begins with the acquisition of drugs, chemicals and other medical equipment and supplies. These materials are stored and issued to dispensary and laboratory for use in the health care activities.  Employing health professionals is also a vital process in beginning the health care services.

Patients are received, identified, issued with cards, examined, diagnosed, and treated.  If the health problem is beyond the capacity of the health centre the patient shall be referred to Hiwot Fana Hospital or Besidimo hospital nearby for further investigation and better patient management according to the required specialty areas of the services. If the health problem is still beyond the capacity of these hospitals to treat, the patient shall be referred to Black Lion Hospital or Amanuel or other specialized hospitals in Addis Ababa.  Subsequently, a request will be made for transport money or vehicle and per diem for the patient and a nurse and/or one or two accompanying friends of the patient/student. The patient will be transported to the hospitals and will seek treatment. If the patient is cured, he/she will come back to the University for continuing his/her study. Unfortunately, if the patient is not cured or if he/she dies, the dead body is sent to his/her parents. Eventually, bills of treatments will be settled based on the bill documents received from the hospitals.

Besides, the health centre cares for delivering students and also transports her to parents in 48 hours after delivery of the child.

Health center service

Major Services of the health center are:

 clinical service such as:

  • Emergency  service
  • outpatient service
  • Maternal and child health and/or family planning service
  • Tuberculosis diagnosis and management service
  • VCT/PIHCT service
  • In patient and sexually transmitted disease diagnosis and treatment service.

Laboratory services such as :

  • Hematomology
  • Blood chemistry
  • urinalysis all type
  • serology
  • parasitologies and X-ray

Other services  such as : Bed services for patients which is,

  • Total number of beds in the health centers = 16 BEDS
  • No-of beds in each ward:

Female student ward (5)

Male student ward (7)

TB isolation (2)

Staff bed (2)

  • referral and ambulance service

Pharmacy Services


No-of the staff members and nature of staff

Professional staff

Professional staff include BSC and professional nurses, health officer,clinical  nurses, laboratory technologist, laboratory technicians, reproductive  health , pharmacist,druggists , environmental  health and X-ray technician.

Supportive staffs

Include finance, cleaner, guardians, receptionist, and card room workers.