About Public and International Relations Directorate

Public and International Relations Directorate, which was formerly known as External and Public Relations Office, was organized few months ago under the Business Processing Reengineering (BPR). It currently has six staff members. It main mission is to promote the various tasks that the University with regards to teaching-learning, research and extension, as well as community engagement.

In order to accomplish its mission, it uses local and national media outlets. It closely works with the University’s community radio, HU FM 91.5. In addition, in order to send out its message it uses other local media houses such as Haramaya Fana 94.8, Dire Dawa Mass Media Agency, and Harari Mass Media Agency. Furthermore, the Directorate also employs national media outlets such as ETV and Oromia TV to convey the activities that regularly conducted by Haramaya University.

Public and International Relations Directorate also prepares an annual newsletter, brochures, leaflets, calendars, the University’s website, social media, and other mechanisms to further its mission.

Staff List of Public Relation and International Directorate

Alemeshet Teshome

Mr. Alemeshet Teshome

Director,  Public and International Relation Directorate

Mobile Phone: +251920826982

Office Phone: +25125530355

Email: sportalem@yahoo.com

Name: Shemsedin Mohammed

Position: Senior PR officer

Email: shemsedinahmed@gmail.com

Phone: 0935287585

Name: Fuad Ahmed

Position: Audio Visual



Public and International Relations Directorate Contact

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