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Mr. Nasir Abdo

The major activities of the University Internal Audit Officer are:

  • Ensure adherence of the University to Internal Audits Standards of the Government of Ethiopia including the Code of Ethics and University policies and procedures;
  • Supervise and lead the internal audit activities of the University;
  • Develop a flexible annual audit plan using an appropriate risk-based methodology, including any risks or control concerns identified by the management, and submit the plan to the President for review and approval as well as periodic updates;
  • Implement the annual audit plan, as approved, including as appropriate; any special tasks or projects requested by the University management;
  • Arrange consultation forums for internal audit auditors on audit programs, field work and draft audit findings;
  • Ensure advice on and approval of the audit reports of internal auditors and ensure that for each audit carried out there is a final audit report;
  • Report audit findings to the President and to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development’s inspection directorate;
  • Consult with management of the University on internal audit and internal control;
  • Maintain a professional audit staff with sufficient knowledge, skills, and experience to meet the requirements of the University; and
  • Perform other duties as directed by the President.


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