About Information and Communication Technology Directorate


To effectively conceive, develop, implement, utilize, and manage appropriate information systems in order to provide integrated, coordinated and customer-focused quality ICT services to Haramaya University in line with its vision, mission and objectives.


To be a center of innovation in the provision of quality ICT services to Haramaya University.



Mr.Belete Shawel


Haramaya University as one of the Universities in Ethiopia having more than 63 years of age, has been strived to support the main core processes i.e. teaching and Learning, administration affairs, Community service and research processes by ICT services.

Haramaya University Information Communication Technology Directorate was established in the year 2003 and restructured in July 2013, following the Business process reengineering (BPR) and new structure from Ministry of Education applied to support the core mandates of the University.

The Information and Communication Technology Directorate of Haramaya University (HU), ensure the delivery of Information and Communication Technology services to the university’s various functional units based on their needs. Haramaya University has recognized the role of ICT as an enabler for the attainment of its goals and strategic objectives. The directorate is also accountable to the president and it is currently organized into five functional units i.e. Infrastructure & Services, Learning and Teaching Technology, Technical Support and Maintenance, Business Application Development and Administration and Training and Consultancy Service. It provides the HU community with a broad range of ICT services including email, Internet and telephone services, IP surveillance, e-learning, Digital signage system, website, Smart classes, Video Conference, maintaining failed ICT equipment (computers, laptops, printers, photocopiers, scanners, UPS, LCD projector and network devices), providing training services and manage ICT academies i.e. Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle and others.


Building the Basis for Development

ICT Staff


  • Developing and implementing formal quality assurance systems, policies and procedures to help any activities in the University to be consistent and responsive to the vision, mission, goal, and objectives of the university.
  • Integrating quality assurance system comprehensively, clearly and concretely in every step, every level of operation in order to instill quality culture in the university.
  • assessing the quality of core process activities (teaching-learning, research community engagement and student services) and support process activities (Information communication Technology, Human Resource Management, Estate and facility management) of the University;
  • Improving University’s overall management practices to be exemplary in good governance;
  • To communicate/liaise with the relevant statutory, accreditation and professional boards and bodies.

Core Values Of ICT Office

  • Provision of quality ICT services to the Haramaya University.
  • Management, control and maintenance of ICT in the University.
  • Advising the University authorities on all ICT matters.
  • Formulation of ICT policies for the University.
  • Interpretation of ICT policies and related matters for the University.


ICT Infrastructure and Service

The ICT Infrastructure & Services Unit is committed to the development, implementation, and support of network systems and technologies that reinforce the University mission as a provider of high quality ICT infrastructure. Network Services include adequate connectivity for most of today’s high-speed network and computing needs. The HU ICT Directorate staff provides support to different colleges / schools / departments / units to aid in determining the type of connection needed to link the workstations and labs, being the University ; backbone.

Vision: Building adequate and reliable ICT infrastructure and services

Mission: To build, deploy and support innovative, quality and sustainable ICT Infrastructure and service that meet the changing ICT needs of the University.

Infrastructure and Service Unit Roles and responsibilities

  • Create and manage the physical layer connectivity of new and existing campuses, buildings, classrooms, offices and laboratories
  • Create and manage the IP layer connectivity
  • Plan, implement and manage the Internet connectivity
  • Creating acceptable use policy for the network and Internet
  • Secure the network from Internal and external threats
  • Monitor real time status of the physical and logical connections
  • Log and audit network access
  • Create and manage application-ready local cloud infrastructure
  • Update and patch the operating systems and middleware in data centers
  • Plan, implement and manage internal communication and collaboration platforms (email, portal, unified communications, etc.)
  • Plan, implement and manage online and offline backup
  • Plan, implement and manage patch management and end point malware protection for campus users and staff workstations
  • Plan, implement and manage central Identity management solution for existing and new systems to be implemented
ICT Teaching and Learning Technology
ICT Technical Support and Maintenance
ICT Business Application Development and Administration
ICT Training and Consultancy

ICT Services

The university wide computer network is the basis for several services which will improve the university’s teaching and learning process. ICT services encompass but are not restricted to the following services provided by the University and third parties on its behalf, Network infrastructure and computing devices including the physical infrastructure both cable and wireless connections, together with servers, firewalls, switches, routers, wireless access points, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, phones, printers, scanners, photocopiers, LCD projectors, projection screens, smart boards, disc drives, digital signage (display screens), cameras, CCTV and other peripheral devices; and ICT services including web services (e-mail, e-learning, website), Internet access, FTP service, cloud service, storage, maintenance, ICT training, digital promotions, business automation.


Abraham Besrat Building(403), Office Number: ---
P.O.Box: 138, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Office Phone: +25125530376
Mobile Phone: +251913522995