Campus Life For Students

Student Dormitory

A dorm is where students live, often with roommates. Dorms have laundry rooms and rec rooms, and it's a place where many friendships are made. Students often ...

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Student Clubs and Association

A student society, student association, university society or student organization is a society or an organization, operated by students at a university or a college institution, whose membership typically consists only of students or alumni.

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Students Living in Campus

Living on campus means that you are organized based on age and year, as well as gender, at times. So, you may not get to choose who you house or dorm with.

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Peer support and tutoring programs

Peer tutoring is an instructional strategy that consists of student partnerships, linking high achieving students with lower achieving students.

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Student Cafeteria

A place (such as a restaurant or a room in a Haramaya University) where people get food at a counter and carry it to a table for eating.

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Student Recretion Center

A building that is open to the public where meetings are held, sports are played, and there are activities available for young and old people.

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Student Guidance and Counseling

guidance counseling, by name counseling and guidance, the process of helping individuals discover and develop their educational, vocational, and psychological potentialities and thereby to achieve an optimal level of personal happiness and social usefulness.

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Student Support

academic support may refer to a wide variety of instructional methods, educational services, or school resources provided to students in the effort to help them accelerate their learning progress, catch up with their peers, meet learning standards, or generally succeed in school.

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Student Discipline

Student Discipline means the forms of corrective action or punishment, other than suspension or expulsion, taken by the rules and strategies applied in school to manage student behavior and practices used to encourage self discipline.

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