Haramaya University Vice President for Community Engagement & Enterprise Development Office supported learning materials and uniforms for 350 needy students living in Haramaya town on September 5, 2021 in a ceremony held at Afarn kallo Hall.

Dr. Yisak Yusuf, Vice President for Community Engagement & Enterprise Development Office, noted that Haramaya University is supporting the surrounding community through various activities that would benefit them.

Dr. Yisak added that the latest support also include the activities of summer volunteer service beside various activities which the University have been carrying out in the community.

The supporting materials include uniforms, exercise books, pencils, pens and erasers. The donation is estimated to be 600,000.00 (Six Hundred Thousand Birr).

According to Mr. Mohammed Mussa, Coordinator of Summer Volunteer Support Charity Program, Haramaya University has been conducting various volunteer works to solve the problems of the surrounding community mainly needy children as well as orphan and disabled.

Among the activities of the Summer Volunteer Project providing educational supplies and school uniforms to poor students to reduce children drop out with a positive effect on educational quality. According to Mr. Mohammed, supporting poor students is very crucial to reduce students drop out and improve education quality.

During the handover ceremony of learning materials, Mayor of Haramaya Town, Mr. Muleta Bushera expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the University in supporting the 350 needy students.

Among the beneficiaries Adam Abdurahman, a father of five children, and Gini Gebre, the care taker of the four children who lost their father, expressed their gratitude and said they are proud and thankful to Haramaya University for the support.

Student Ayantu Jafer and Sufian kedir said, these materials will help us to resume our education.