Haramaya University Released Speckled Type Common Bean Variety


Variety Release Committee approved the release of DAB 410 common bean variety for production based on its field performance and other data on its recent meeting.This improved variety is recommended for mid and lowland areas of east Hararghe and similar agro-ecologies in Ethiopia.

Mr. Ibsa Aliyi, Lowland Pulses Research Program Leader, and Mr. Yonas Moges, Breeder and Team member of Lowland Pulses Research Program, said that the variety is high yielding and resistant to major common bean diseases and insects.

The variety has high Iron and Zinc concentration; this makes it important micro-nutrient source which can contribute a lot in addressing micronutrient deficiency in Ethiopia.

Moreover, the researchers further indicated that this variety is released for both local consumption and export market as it has high market demand particularly in South African market. DAB 410 is the 12th common bean variety released by Haramaya University since the establishment of the Lowland Pulse Program.


By: Mastewal Derara


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