Health and Medical Sciences Prospective graduates of Haramaya University have completed thirteen different community service projects in seven selected areas in Harari Regional State at the cost of over 4.2 million birr.

According to Dr. Yadeta Desse, Chief Executive Director of the College of Health and Medical Sciences; Haramaya University is carrying out various research based community service activities that benefit the community. Regarding this, the Prospective graduates perform a variety of community service each year; in this year, 327 Prospective graduates have been conducting various health related activities in Rural and Urban Kebeles of Harari Regional State for a month. In the month, thirteen major projects have been carried out in seven selected areas at the cost of over 4.2 million birr.

Dr. Yadeta also explained that the projects completed include the construction of a drinking water, toilets, emergency services as well as the construction of houses for the needy and a center for girls to use during menstruation and other similar projects. In addition to that, 2,300 books and 300 units of blood have been collected and made ready to use. Lastly Dr. Yadeta notified the community to strengthen their support for the University’s activities.

Harari Regional State Health Bureau Head, Dr. Ibsa Musa, on his part, said that the Prospective graduates are undertaking activities that can enhance the health of the community. This year in particular, the graduates stressed the value of their work in identifying the gaps and developing awareness in the health sector and involved the community members in their activities.

Interviewed community members in Sofi Woreda where the drinking water project is being implemented commented that there was a shortage of drinking water before, but now the Prospective graduating students have solved their problems with the project. They have, therefore, thanked the students and the University for the Service given for them so far.

The Students who actively participated in the community service said that the knowledge they gained from the community service has created conducive environment to translate their knowledge into action.

By: Aweke Ayalneh

Photograph: Fuad Amed