Haramaya University Laboratory Opened for COVID-19 Tests


Haramaya University Laboratory Opened for COVID-19 Tests

CHAMPS-Ethiopia Program’s laboratory with a maximum capacity of running 4000 COVID-19 tests per day is now open for operation. The laboratory is expected to give services to communities in the Eastern part of Ethiopia.

According to Dr Nega Assefa, Principal Investigator (PI) of CHAMPS-Ethiopia program, the laboratory at the College of Health and Medical Sciences, Harar Campus, was established to collect and process samples to identify causes of death in children under-five years in Harar and Kersa areas.

Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) gave training to the laboratory technicians, reviewed the capacity, tested the readiness of the laboratory and has given its approval for operation. Though it is difficult to use the maximum capacity of the laboratory now, it has the capacity of testing 4000 COVID-19 samples per day.

Mr. Ordin Bedri, honorable guest and President of Harari Region, acknowledged the role the University has taken in the control and prevention of the pandemic and said the start of testing in the region will contribute to the prevention of the disease and promised the region’s support to the University.

Dr. Jemal Yousuf, University President, appreciated all the work done by the University staff benefiting the surrounding community and expressed his hope that the laboratories would contribute since testing is one of the basic mechanisms which helps to control the spread of this pandemic.

Mr. Abdulkadir Gelgelo, Deputy Head of Oromia Regional Health Bureau, expressed his gratitude for all the work the University did and assured the region will be supporting the University in its efforts.

Haramaya University has been contributing to the control and prevention of the pandemic in the surrounding community in various ways. So far, the Haramaya University has designed and produced sample facemasks, produced and distributed hand-sanitizer, and distributed COVID-19 prevention communication materials in different formats. The University staff have also been working to support nearby communities using their professional knowledge.


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